3 Reasons to Try Coloring Pages in Your Middle School ELA Classroom

Let's face it. Middle schoolers are sometimes hard to please. One minute they want to be treated like an adult, and the next, they want to be treated like a child again. 

I get it.

I have taught for 20 years in the middle and high school classrooms. I totally understand how temperamental they can be. 

I still remember 13 years ago planning for my 8th grade honors ELA classroom. I was looking for activities to review sentence structure, and I found a fun packet. My hesitation with this packet is one portion was a color by number activity. I decided to include it as an option to complete.

What did I find? My cool 8th graders LOVED IT. They didn't complain at all. It was a miracle. 

So, you can imagine my disappointment when I tried to locate the same packet the following year. It was gone. Lost in the abyss. 

Fast forward to five years ago, I still was unable to find Grammar Color by Number activities that covered the standards and wasn't too juvenile for my students. I began my mission to have color by number worksheets ready to cover numerous ELA standards. I have them covering numerous ELA standards from figurative language to sentence structure to author's purpose.

Why Should You Try Color By Number Worksheets in Your Middle School ELA Classroom?

1. Boost Engagement.  Let's be honest. Grammar can be boring. When you use color by number in the classroom, grammar becomes more appealing because they can actively engage with the material. They will analyze and question grammar rules before they begin the coloring portion. This allows an additional - thoughtful - review of the material. Yep, it's pretty magical.

2. Make Grammar Review Memorable. Traditional worksheets can be dull. That's where color by number worksheets come to the rescue! These worksheets inject an element of fun into grammar practice. 

3. Encouraging Creativity. Let's tap into our student's creative side! With grammar color by number worksheets, you're not just reviewing grammar, you are encouraging creativity by expressing themselves with color. Also, when you connect visual elements with grammar concepts, you're helping them make meaningful connections and boost their understanding.

So, friends, why not add a splash of color into your grammar lessons? ELA Grammar color by number worksheets offer a fun and interactive way to teach and reinforce grammar skills. They will make practice enjoyable and ignite creativity with your students. With a few crayons and a smile, you will create an engaging learning environement where grammar becomes an adventure. Give it a try today and get ready to see your students embrace grammar like never before! Happy coloring!

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